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Research network "Chemistry meets Microbiology and Environmental Systems Science "

An interdisciplinary research team at the interface between chemistry and microbiology tackles some of Europe’s Grand Challenges in the 21st century in this joint initiative of the Faculty of Life Sciences and the Faculty of Chemistry. 

The research network serves as nucleus for the research initiative Microbiome Ecology and Food Chemistry for Human Health and to foster the interdisciplinary fields Environmental Chemistry and Microbiology, Microbial Computational System Sciences, and Metal-­Based Anticancer Research.

The research network includes members of eight departments:

  • Department of Microbiology and Ecosystem Science
  • Department of Inorganic Chemistry
  • Department of Theroretical Chemistry
  • Department of Food Chemistry and Toxicology
  • Department of Nutritional and Physiological Chemistry
  • Department of Analytical Chemistry
  • Department of Biophysical Chemistry
  • Department of Environmental Geosciences






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